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Jan who?  

Jan Dean has published two collections of poetry (Macmillan and & Blackie) and has had poems published in over a hundred anthologies. Her latest collection is The Penguin in Lost Property - written with Roger Stevens.

Useful information for teachers –

A Day with Jan Dean

I like to kick-start the day with a performance. It’s a great way of introducing myself to classes and of getting everyone in a poetry state of mind.

After assembly I run class workshops for the rest of the day.  (50-60 min slots.)

First we write a group poem: I become the ‘word processor’ for the class. Their ideas and my know-how shape the poem. 

Along the way we discover ‘hot tips’ for writing – all kinds, not just poetry.      

Starting points for group poems can be rooted in ‘How To’s’ - e.g How to create character/ mood/ sense of place, or they can arise from themes/topics the class are covering. The group poem models the process of writing.   

Finally the class write their own pieces, individually or in pairs – that’s the teacher’s choice.        

Sometimes I work with a group for more than one session – then there’s time to look at individual writing , work out its strengths and develop them. 

 By the end of the day the school will be bursting at the seams with poems.