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Group Poems           Poem produced in workshop with pupils from Years 4 & 5, St Richard’s Catholic Primary School, Atherton

The poem is in three sections:  the first and last sections were written as a group poem, the centre section is a compilation of words and phrases from individual poems. The poem grew from sharing ideas about ‘places that make us feel calm, relaxed and good inside’. We chose the beach as a starting point, but this quickly became the sea itself, particularly views of the sea at sunset and at night. Some children who hadn’t experienced this used memories of street lights shining in puddles as their starting point. It is displayed in Atherton Health Centre and words and phrases from it have been painted on the wall.





The sky is yellow as an oriental lily

Red as poppies when the gold sun sets.

Ripples… the dark sea ripples….

Float in these warm waves

Weigh the heavy salt water in your hands

Listen to the gentle shush

Of the wide open ocean…

The scarlet sun sets and fades

Like the children’s laughter

The silver moon looks in the mirror of the sea…

            Shines, sparkles, shimmers

            Glitters, glassy, gleams,

Two moons smooth and cool

White as white as snow on the cold dark sea

Two moons come out to play

As the blue ocean sways.

                        Rest, lay down your head

                        Under twinkling stars

                        The way up high opal moon


The metallic moon, white as a cloud, shines

Sea shells shine and stars

Deep blue surrounds me in my boat.

The moon’s a pearl

Round and white

Shadowing the sea….

The grey gull glides.  Circles.

And the white wind lifts me

I hover

I fly